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Welcome To Brighton!

The aim of this website is quite clear: to give visitors and prospective visitors to Brighton all the information you need to make your stay a really enjoyable one.

Royal PavillionBrighton is one of the most vibrant of Britain's seaside resorts. It's got a range of attractions and facilities to suit everyone. If your visit to Brighton is a short one, your biggest problem will be deciding what to leave out!

So, don't leave this site without checking out all the pages.

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About This Website

Here's a quick summary of what you'll find on this website:

Starting Off:

  • Travel: How to get to Brighton from wherever you are.
  • Accommodation: Detailed information on Brighton's many hotels and B&Bs. Check out availability - and save up to 70 per cent on regular room rates - through our arrangement with

Getting To Know Brighton:

  • Background Info: A little about the City, and why it's so popular
  • History: Nothing too heavy here! But it's interesting to know a little about the history of the place where you are staying.
  • Interesting Facts: How many people visit Brighton? Which celebrities live here? Which are Brighton's "first" and "oldest" claims to fame? You'll find the answers on this page.
  • Getting Around: Some "insider tips" on the best ways to get around this bustling city.
  • Video Tour: Some short video clips taken in and around Brighton. These are "amateur" not "pro" videos!

The Attractions

  • The Royal Pavilion: A description of what you can see at in this majestic building.
  • Brighton Pier: If the Brighton PierPavilion is "elegant", the Pier is "brash"! But don't miss at least one visit there.
  • Preston Manor: A classic example of a perfectly-kept Edwardian home.
  • Sealife Exhibition: Another "don't miss" attraction - especially the "Submarine Adventure"!
  • Brighton Beach: You can't stay at the seaside without going on the beach. But where's the best spot to go. You'll find the answer on this page.
  • Other Attractions: A quick round-up of other places to visit in Brighton.

What Else To Do

  • Eating Out: A short selection of some of the huge range of restaurants, cafes etc. in Brighton.
  • Shopping: Discover "The Lanes", Brighton's unique shopping experience.
  • Nightlife: Pubs, clubs, bars.. and more.
  • Off The Beaten Track : Get off the beaten track and explore a few of the "hidden gems" in the area.
  • Visit Arundel: Not that you'd ever tire of Brighton, but Arundel, just an hour away from Brighton, is well worth a visit.

More Information:

  • Useful Links: Dig more deeply into a variety of Brighton-related topics by exploring other websites.

I hope that you find this website useful - end enjoy your visit to Brighton!



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