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A Few Interesting Facts About Brighton

8 million tourists a year can’t be wrong – that’s how many annual visitors the city of Brighton attracts every year, and it’s believed according to the Brighton tourist board that almost £400 million is spent by tourists alone (that’s almost $800m ).

Brighton is believed to be one of the top five cities that tourists want to visit during their stay in the United Kingdom.


Town, Postcode, Attraction...

View near the PromenadeIt’s also been voted one of the happiest cities within the UK according to a recent survey and was also voted “UK’s Coolest City” according to a YouGov survey conducted in 2006. 


Some of Brighton's celebrity residents include:

  • Noel Gallagher (of rock band Oasis)
  • Ralph Brown (an actor who starred in movies such as Star Wars Phantom Menace, Alien 3 and Wayne's World 2).
  • Nick Cave - From "Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds" band.
  • Chris Eubank - Former heavyweight champion in boxing.
  • Stephen Berkoff (who was involved in Octopussy).
  • Patrick Bergin (Hollywood star who featured in Sleeping With The Enemy).
  • Kate Blanchett (starred in Lord of The Rings).

Brighton's "Firsts" and "Oldest"

  • The UK's oldest electric railway (the Volks)
  • The first ever cargo flight in the world ( to Hove in 1911)
  • The worlds oldest aquarium - Sealife.
  • Brighton is home to Brighton Football Club (RFU), one of the oldest Rugby Clubs in England.
  • The Brighton and Hove Chess Club is one of the oldest chess clubs in Britain

Other "Nuggets"

  • In the Domesday Book (1066) , Brighton was called Bristelmestune and a rent of 4,000 herring was established.
  • There are over 400 pubs in Brighton
  • Brighton has a substantial "gay" community and is often referred to as "the gay capital of Britain".
  • Because of its high density of businesses involved in digital or "new media" companies, Brighton has sometimes been referred to as "Silicon Beach".
  • An unusual feature of the Brighton Racecourse (horse racing) is that when the full length of the course is to be used, some of the grass turf of the track has to be laid over the tarmac at the top of Wilson Avenue, a public road, which therefore has to be closed for the duration of races.



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